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Always stay in financial control:

The single most important aspect of employing a contractor is for you to stay in financial control. Unfortunately 99% of all problems arise from you (the client) over paying contractors for work not yet completed, which takes away the financial incentive to perform.

Based on our extensive experience (since 2005), paying a deposit is normal procedure. If you are unsure, please contact our offices for advice. Over paying or paying in full upfront, is simply asking for trouble and makes the task of assisting you in the event of a complaint much harder.

We cannot be held liable for your actions, so please control your funds wisely.


Kitchen Renovations Randburg, For All Your Kitchen Renovations Randburg Requirements.



Kitchen Renovations Randburg, For All Your Kitchen Renovations Randburg Requirements.
































































Kitchen renovations can make a huge difference to the value of a house. It is usually the pivotal reason for the purchase of a home. Renovations to a kitchen are hugely disruptive to family life so why not do these upfront to ensure minimal fuss and bother. Enough cupboard space needs to be planned as well as drawers for pots and pans and other utensils. Flooring that is hard-wearing is so essential in this room because it has so much happening that involves dirt and grime. Tiles that are non-slip would be an excellent choice. Linoleum and carpets become grubby very quickly and it is such a mission to keep them clean and hygienic. Grease build-up is hard to remove. Appliances need to be shifted regularly as well so as to clean behind and under them. Adequate lighting in the kitchen is vitally important for safety reasons. Alcoves can be built-in to accommodate the refrigerator and deep freeze, making sure that there is a good flow of air around the appliances which will prevent over-heating. Plumbing in of the dishwasher and the washing machine needs to be done by a plumber so as to prevent any water damage occurring in the kitchen. The water filter also needs special plumbing knowledge as it can be damaged by high water pressure. This can be easily fixed by adding a fixture to the pipes under the sink.

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