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1 Call Procedures

Kitchen Renovations Northcliff is part of the 1 Call Accredited Services and Providers family - where contractor screening and project monitoring offers clients total peace of mind.

Time to Renovate

Finally - you have been waiting for the budget to be there - and now it is - time to renovate your kitchen. So how do you go about this? The first thing you need to do is select your building contractor to do the job. This is the most important decision you will need to make when renovating your kitchen. Kitchen renovations Northcliff offers you the chance to get up to three independent quotations from kitchen renovation companies in Northcliff. They are on our system because they have registered with us and want to receive the opportunity to quote – this means they are willing and eager for your business. They also understand that we will be following up on the project once completed to get a testimonial from you – we strive to ensure that all our customers such as yourself are been looked after. The quotes will be sent to you via our system, and you will be able to see the options available – you will then award a kitchen renovation company in Northcliff with the project through our system and will liase directly with the contractor. We provide the quotation facility only – however if you would like us to keep an eye on the project and project finances from start to finish – we do offer this service as well.

Your enquiry

Once we have established your requirements, suburb and basic contact details, we call the accredited contractors in your area who are registered for the services you require.

You may request up to 3 quotes for larger projects, subject to availability. 

Although you may well receive immediate response, we do offer the contractors a 3 hour window to make contact with you to arrange quotation appointments. This time frame caters for the service providers who are hands on at other sites, up ladders etc.

Project monitoring

We are proudly the only comprehensive network of home improvement maintenance and renovation service providers in South Africa, which actually communicates from quotation punctuality to job completion.

Your feedback in this regard is an essential component to maintain 1 Call's unsurpassable client satisfaction levels.

We will contact you via email after 24 hours to request feedback regarding appointments made for quotations. We will then contact you telephonically to ensure that all appointments were kept and to establish when your quotes will be received, if not received already.

Once you have selected a 1 Call accredited service provider, we follow up periodically (dependent on project size) to ensure you are receiving great service. This is your opportunity to discuss any gripes or points of dissatisfaction that can be quickly remedied, before escalating into a larger problem. 

Safety in numbers

As a 1 Call ASAP client, you will benefit from the ‘safety in numbers’ scenario, as your project accounts for one of thousands of jobs in progress every month. The risk of a contractor’s permanent removal from our database for not rectifying your problems, has far greater financial implication than the cost of making you a happy client.

Because of this volume driven strategy we have an incredible client satisfaction rate of 99.5%. No other contractor network or association comes close.

Four Pillars

The four pillars that have gained the popularity and driven the success of the 1 Call network:

1. Accreditation: the most stringent contractor screening procedure in SA… Read more

2. Communication: consistent follow ups from quote to completion… Read more

3. Performance rating: your feedback directly influences the contractors' profiles… Read more

4. Insurance: Blanket coverage for all contractors protecting the clients… Read more

Great advice

Every enquiring client receives our ‘Critical industry advice ‘ which has been published by many media outlets over the years. Great tips when employing the services of a contractor, whether 1 Call accredited or not. With the key focal point being the financial control of your project.





Kitchen Renovations Northcliff, For All Your Kitchen Renovations Northcliff Requirements.


Kitchen Renovations Northcliff, For All Your Kitchen Renovations Northcliff Requirements.


Kitchen Renovations Northcliff, For All Your Kitchen Renovations Northcliff Requirements.






Kitchen renovations can make a huge difference to the value of a house. It is usually the pivotal reason for the purchase of a home. Renovations to a kitchen are hugely disruptive to family life so why not do these upfront to ensure minimal fuss and bother. Enough cupboard space needs to be planned as well as drawers for pots and pans and other utensils. Flooring that is hard-wearing is so essential in this room because it has so much happening that involves dirt and grime. Tiles that are non-slip would be an excellent choice. Linoleum and carpets become grubby very quickly and it is such a mission to keep them clean and hygienic. Grease build-up is hard to remove. Appliances need to be shifted regularly as well so as to clean behind and under them. Adequate lighting in the kitchen is vitally important for safety reasons. Alcoves can be built-in to accommodate the refrigerator and deep freeze, making sure that there is a good flow of air around the appliances which will prevent over-heating. Plumbing in of the dishwasher and the washing machine needs to be done by a plumber so as to prevent any water damage occurring in the kitchen. The water filter also needs special plumbing knowledge as it can be damaged by high water pressure. This can be easily fixed by adding a fixture to the pipes under the sink.

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Kitchen Renovations Northcliff brings you peace of mind, and access to a minimum of 3 quotes for the project. 

Kitchen Renovations Northcliff is an essential tool for your peace of mind. The ability to be able to get multiple quotes from more than one contractor gives you options.

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